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2019-12-20 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda JEANNOT

JEANNOT: When we feel autumn, we think about long boulevards, warm colours and a carpet of golden leaves at our feet. The city and the countryside seem to get closer when a weak wind joins November walks during the season that smells like chestnuts, soil and rain. In this period of the year, we should not be discouraged by a few clouds or the ups and downs of temperatures. Those who do not give in to the combination of plaid & herbal tea can enjoy the sudden change of colours and lights in the open air, breathing an atmosphere that is the prelude to December holidays. In line with the variability of this season, we have selected three outfit proposals to show off on different occasions. Let’s start with casual and comfy clothing, but without neglecting a touch of style. You could wear on your black jeans an unpredictable patterned blouse, just like some November days, and you could combine it with a black denim jacket and a green leather bag. For this outfit, we recommend you a Jeannot stretch neoprene boot with a rubber sole, non-slip bottom and an orange insert in the heel. The elastic on the side ensures maximum comfort in urban explorations, while the orange laces add a note of contrast and vivacity to your spare time. The perfect clothing for hanging out with your friends, walking in the city centre and join a happy hour, is simple and elegant. You could wear a plain mustard-coloured shirt and a black pleated skirt. The linear and colourful pattern of the skirt guides the eye towards a pair of glamour mustard-coloured loafers embellished by a metal chain and small rhinestone studs on the fringe. A pair of hoop earrings and a black leather clutch complete our second outfit proposal. For fancier occasions, we thought about a black V-neck blouse to wear in a special night with a soft pink scarf, matching the colour of a long pleated skirt and a pair of dangling earrings. Black bag with simple lines. The ideal shoe for this occasion in an elegant Jeannot ankle boot in black suede. The essential design of the shoe highlights a slightly rounded and metal tip. The post 3 perfect autumn outfit appeared first on JEANNOT.

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