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2019-06-19 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda JEANNOT

JEANNOT: The woman to whom Jeannot addresses can’t be confined to one place. Her needs, aspirations, inclinations are cross-cutting, they belong to different geographical areas, they are potentially universal. She’s a woman open to the world, cosmopolitan, independent. Determined, social, glamour. The independence coming from her energy, passions and professions, boosts her self-confidence, giving her the possibility to be really authentic, free. Jeannot Experience is the experience we created for three young women of different nationalities. Not models, but professionals, working in other fields, who daily share their highlights. Three women that lived the typical Apulian beauties for a few days, trying out the comfort and the appeal of Jeannot shoes and becoming brand ambassadors. In addition to the influencer marketing activity, Jeannot made several videos in order to increase brand awareness and internationalization. LET’S MEET THE PROTAGONISTS OF JEANNOT EXPERIENCE Olivia She comes from Brussels and she is passionate about ballet, images and fashion world. She’s a widely followed blogger and she works as a wedding photographer, lover of the light and of the unrepeatable beauty of specific moments. She especially appreciates Jeannot elegance and attention to details, which she attributes to made in Italy tradition. Antonella Owner of a green resort close to Vieste beach, Antonella is an entrepreneur who has made hospitality her reason for being. She loves vintage, that she has always collected,and brand that combine tradition and innovation. She like the comfort of Jeannot shoes, which allows her to wear them all day without any problems. Maria Mexican moved to Spain, Maria is a plant-based chef. She leads a healthy lifestyle which she actively promotes on social media through recipes and tips. Her greatest aspiration is to help others to take care of themselves and to connect with their creative side. She adores Jeannot’s personality and versatility because she likes to dress how she feels. The post Jeannot Experience: women without boundaries appeared first on JEANNOT.

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