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2019-02-12 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda JEANNOT

JEANNOT: Jeannot unveils the Fall Winter 19-20 Collection at MICAM Milano, the footwear industry’s leading international trade fair. In the New Collection FW19-20, the brand aims at outlining the urban woman’s style through four concepts of great dynamism. From the idea of nature within the city as a whole world to be explored, comes the inspiration of ​​booties and Moon Boot in sports fabrics and colorful laces, in a mix of performace and glam. Those who prefer the appeal of rubber and neoprene will also find strong inspirations in this collection thanks to boots and other models embellished by eye-catching chromatic touches, such as the colorful Jeannot prints, which stand out on these fascinating shoes. Simple lines plateau and exotic mood – the use of python and crocodile printed leathers – come straight from the 70s, the era of PONG and Space Invaders, the golden season of arcade video games and the first domestic consoles, with the explosion of progressive rock and the transition to disco music. A period of psychedelic influences and experimentation, which is reinterpreted in many designs of FW19-20 Collection. To complete the picture, the overpowering return of the Texan style, with all the energy and the personality of American Far West cowgirls, an iconic style that revives the timeless pointed ankle boots, with fringes, warm colors and materials such as suede, nabuck and split leather. The post Jeannot presents the Fall-Winter 19/20 Collection at MICAM Milano appeared first on JEANNOT.

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