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2021-01-22 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda FRANKIE4

FRANKIE4: Today marks the annual Measure Your Feet Day Now this is a celebration we can really get behind! It honour of this year’s Measure Your Feet Day we’d like to share our top 5 tips for finding the perfect footwear fit: 1. First and foremost, measure both your feet! It’s actually possible for your foot size and shape to change over time, and it’s even common to have different size feet from your left to right. 2. Make sure you have enough space from your longest toe to the tip of your FRANKiE4 footbed, ensuring that your toes have room, aligned to your personal preference. 3. You want shoes that fit straight away – not too firm and not too flimsy. A good fitting shoe will mould around your foot like a warm hug, but will still provide enough flexibility for your heels to move without friction. 4. To minimise slipping in lace-up styles, change the lacing (lace lock) to help hold your heel back in the heel counter (the back part of the shoe that hugs the heel) securely. 5. Of course to find your perfect sole mate, you can always visit us online or in-store to discuss your needs with our friendly team of Sole Savers in order to find a shoe that works for your lifestyle: http://bit.ly/393XK5y

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